Lavor in the Lord Of Nature Retuen! and The Supreme Eclipse Era!

He is a lava gormiti. He has a shield and a hand made of fire. He has a small volcano for a head. Lavor appeared in most of the episodes in Gormiti: The Lord Of Nature Return and was also one of the four main antagonists. He only had one appearance in Gormiti: The Supreme Eclipse Era which was episode 1 where Magmion sent him and Cyclops to find the rot worm so he could release Obscurio. He appeares in Gormiti: The Neorganic Evolution as well. He is the most powerful member of the Lava Tribe and is the only member of the lava tribe the Magma tribe (especially Magmion) likes. Lavor is one powerful Lava Gormiti and nearly became The Lord Of The Volcano because of his appearance when Magor created him.


To help Magmion take over Gorm and rule the world.


In part 2 of Slip Rift, Magmion left Lavor in the Volcano to release Obscurio while he, Lavion, Bombos, Orroe and Wicked attacked the Lords Of Nature and Supreme Luminos. Lavor returned in the Supreme Eclipse Era to complete is mission the release Obscurio in episode 1: The Rot Of Gorm then he disappeared like the rest of The Lords Of Nature Return Gormiti.


Lava Blast


Shield Of Fire

Blast Of Power

Dark Shield